Saturday, March 23, 2019

Who we are

Vistara Child development centre is a novel concept where we concentrate on your child’s problem in a holistic developmentally appropriate way. Unless specifically asked for, we do not categorize or label your child into any category, but will see and try to correct their developmental problems. This doesn’t mean that your child’s problem will not have a diagnosis. All we are trying to do is to limit your distress by not trying to use medical jargons and confuse you, but to assess, see and correct the issues your child is facing as a developmental problem.

We are a group of developmental pediatrician, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, psychiatrist, physiotherapists, special educators, not just working, but co-owning the different centers coming under the umbrella of Vistara CDC. Our services are guided by Dr.Lal.D.V, a developmental pediatrician, who is having more than a decade of experience in handling differently-abled children. Under his guidance, with the active involvement of the developmental therapists in their respective fields, we have been able to integrate many special kids into normal schooling. Testimonials of our beloved parents are the proof for this.

This is a project of Alceta Consortium, with its registered office in Velachery, Chennai, which funds the aspiring hard working therapists to come up in life professionally. We also offer financial assistance for aspiring students for their studies in their respective fields. Alceta is managed by Mrs. Sreekala.R, a dual post graduate in business administration and hospital administration, with over a decade of experience in health care sector, with most of her carrier in Service excellence in major Corporate hospitals like Apollo hospitals, Sundaram medical foundation, Madurai Meenakshi Mission, etc.

Our therapy team is a fully integrated one, supporting each other while delivering therapies in their respective domains, to help your child reach the developmentally appropriate levels. Though we have separate therapists in their respective domains like speech therapists, Occupational therapists etc, we call them as Developmental therapists. We have got separate team leaders in each centre to whom any parent can interact at any time by phone/email. This is your single point of contact (SPOC) for all your queries and anxieties. Directly or after consultation with the respective therapists/doctor, they help you on a daily basis. Yes, we really offer you therapies that give you “the results that make you smile”- which is our motto. We redefine therapies by making it more integrated, useful for fellow therapists, so that your child get the results as early as possible, all at affordable price. No more you need to worry too much about your wallet and effective therapies for your kids. Leave your worries unto us and wait in our lounge relaxingly hearing music/ watching TV.

We maintain excellent professional relationships with the referring physicians by giving them timely reports about the progress, with the consent of parents.

During our sessions we not only consider the needs of the child but also, the needs and expectations of the family and are never hesitant to provide support to the deserving families. Unlike others in this field we do not believe in exorbitant hourly charges, but charges for the programmes which make the difference in your child.

The openness with which we handle your queries and the confidentiality we maintain about the treatment and allied details of your child from others will surely make you feel more relaxed and confident to handle the difficult situation you are in.

We believe that we are here to make the difference for you; let’s work together...

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