Saturday, March 23, 2019

Why we? - for your child

1. Proper assessments with standardized assessment tools for each problem ; noting the difficulty/severity  grading and then charting the therapy program.

2. Dedicated, well qualified and well integrated team, with optimum functional capabilities, attending to most of the problems, with few outside referrals.

3. Parental involvement in helping to come at a diagnosis and charting treatment programme. We assess the extent of parental participation and categorize the programme into 2- what parent can do and what we will do. Free parental education.

4. Parental training for adapting the therapeutic  programmes into the activities done normally at home.

5. Specific problems attended during individual therapy and general things done as group therapy. This is being done as children learn primarily by seeing what other’s do .

6. We use special equipments like digitalized audiovisual integrated devices, mobility trainers etc for specific purposes.

7. No blanket costs like XXX-Rs/Hr. Pricing based on-

Difficulty grading for therapy

Need for Use of special devices/ methods

Amount of parental support in implementation of programme

Extra timing for therapy , if requested by parents and not from our side

We give concessions even when we are not an NGO/ a Not for profit organization. Concessions are not exceptions for the regular and the deserving. However we would want you to prefer getting extra therapy as concessions than cutting costs.

8. Assessment of progress done at regular intervals and communicated to parents and if requested by primary physician/other purposes, only after written consent from parents. So even when we are transparent in our dealings with you, we maintain utmost confidentiality about your child and their records.

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